Our Team

Ethan Corpus is a Yurriyangem Taam, Yawuru and Nyul Nyul man who was born and raised in Broome, Western Australia. He attended school at St. Mary’s College and graduated year 12 in 2004.

In April 2005, Ethan travelled to Melbourne to undertake a plumbing apprenticeship with the assistance of VICTEC, Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation and the Victorian Plumbers Union, he worked with a number of host plumbing companies; Cooke & Dowsett Pty Ltd being his first and most memorable host experience.

Ethan kicked off his apprenticeship with an unforgettable project with the Commonwealth Games Village with Cooke & Dowsett. Ethan later returned to his home town where he continued to complete his apprenticeship.

With hard work and dedication Ethan become Manager to Nudj plumbing in March 2014.

Nudj Plumbing supports the professional and personal development of Aboriginal plumbers. Water and sanitation are key health and safety issues in any community. Whether in cities, regional towns or remote communities. Plumbing makes a big contribution towards the quality of life for all people. There is a high demand for aboriginal plumbers across Australia.

Having high quality water infrastructure and well- maintained water supplies is one of the top issues that Australian communities face.

Ethan is proud to be contributing to these issues and encourages other local or indigenous young people get amongst it.

Ethan’s expertise lies with domestic, commercial, industrial, retail and community space.  He has worked with many businesses and community organisations to ensure each project is delivered on time, within budget and completed to the highest standard.

Nudj Plumbing also employs plumbing apprentices, registered plumbers and numerous labourers and is well equipped to successfully deliver hydraulic services for your next project.